Our skilled lawyers can advise and represent you in matters relating to child custody, guardianship and access, adoption, property and asset division, child and spousal support, name change, and divorce. We also draft prenuptial/marriage, cohabitation, and separation agreements. We will assist you in exploring your options for out-of-court solutions, including using mediation and negotiation to achieve the best results.

We are focused on helping clients achieve the solutions that work best for their families. We are proud to be family dispute resolution professionals, with training in mediation and other processes. We are also ready to provide assertive courtroom representation when trial is the right option for our clients. Please feel free to come see us, as understanding your options at an early stage is important to solving your problems quickly and effectively.

Dominion Law Group provides both alternative dispute resolution and litigation services across the entire spectrum of family law, including:

  • Cohabitation, marriage (prenuptial), and property agreements;

  • Separation and divorce;

  • Negotiation, mediation, arbitration and other innovative conflict resolution processes;

  • Child custody, guardianship, and parenting arrangements;

  • Child support and spousal support; &

  • Property division and debt resolution.