Wills and powers of attorney play an important role in estate planning. These tools allow for individuals to plan how their affairs will be managed both during their lifetime and after their death.

If an individual passes away without a valid will, their estate will be administered in accordance with applicable legislation. To ensure your estate is managed and distributed according to your wishes, it is important to have a valid and updated will.


It is also important for individuals to contemplate how decisions will be made on their behalf in the event they are unable to manage their own affairs.

A Power of Attorney is an estate-planning document that lets you appoint a trusted person to make legal and financial decisions on your behalf.

A Representation Agreement lets you appoint a trusted person to make personal care and healthcare decisions.

At Dominion Law Group, we understand that estate planning can be an overwhelming experience and we aim to make it easier through understanding. We are dedicated to helping our clients through this process, ensuring they comprehend all of their options and tailoring the right plan.


  • Preparation of Wills
  • Preparation of Powers of Attorney
  • Preparation of Representation Agreements
  • Appointment of Committees

  • Implementation & administration of family trusts

  • Corporate reorganizations related to estate planning

  • Trusts of all kinds, testamentary, family,  etc.

  • Probate
  • Estate Administration
  • Estate and trust litigation

  • Advising executors & trustees on their duties & obligations

  • Advising trustees regarding preparations of estate accounts

  • Advising beneficiaries of their rights and entitlements under wills or trusts