Anastasia started her legal career at a national class action law firm before bringing her honed skills to Dominion Law Group to add to the firm’s growing litigation practice.  

An ardent champion for the right of access to justice, Anastasia has worked with vulnerable and at-risk populations prior to entering the legal profession.  Her background in social services allowed her to develop her advocacy skills which she now uses to tailor various litigation strategies and approaches to her clients’ individualized needs.      

Anastasia prides herself on drafting complicated legal arguments and has participated in numerous multijurisdictional class actions, both at the Supreme Court level and at the Court of Appeal level, including product liability class actions, pharmaceutical class actions, a securities litigation class action, civil liberties, and constitutional class actions and a privacy class action, in courts across 3 provinces, including British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Additionally, Anastasia has experience with foreclosure hearings, committees applications, family law litigation, real estate disputes, estate litigation, and various other contract disputes.

Anastasia came from Moldova as a teen, and as a result, is fluent in Russian and understands Romanian.