With over twenty years of experience we pride ourselves in putting you first in everything that we do. DLG has an award-winning team, with credentials that set us apart from other law offices in the community.


Our mission is to offer our clients first-class value-added professional assistance, combined with an in-depth understanding of numerous practice areas. We are focused on results, commitment to excellence, creative thinking, systematic innovation and acting locally in-order-to enhance value to our clients.


Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client.



Our values represent the culture at DLG and are closely aligned to our strategy and our promises to clients.



As individuals, teams and as a firm, we are committed to supporting our clients in the public, private and third sectors.



In our firm, people succeed according to their merits. We believe in a people centric approach to business, and equality and fairness in the way we treat our employees, members, clients, suppliers and communities. We respect people for who they are, their skills and knowledge, their behaviours and the contribution they make as individuals, team members to the firm, to our clients and to our communities, and value this diversity.



We aspire to excellence in everything that we do within our firm and for our clients. We seek to combine technical legal excellence with commerciality of advice and excellent client service in the context of the client’s business. We demand a lot from our high-quality people – who we expect to be bright, capable and self-motivated, as well as passionate about what they do, how they do it, and who they do it for.



We aim to bring out the best in each other and create strong and successful working relationships within the firm and with our clients. Working as an integrated firm, across teams, departments and markets, will enable us to deliver excellent client service and advice that is greater than the sum of the parts. We seek to maintain a supportive ethos, where we are interested and engaged in what each other are doing, and to have an open and approachable working environment.



Behaving with the highest levels of integrity is fundamental to who we are. We adhere to high professional standards and we are our clients’ trusted adviser.



Creating value for and from our clients and for and from our people is key to sustainable success for our firm. Our focus is on building client life time value and attracting and retaining high quality people by finding, winning, keeping and growing interesting, challenging and profitable work. We aim to ensure that our chosen clients are at the heart of everything we do.

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DLG New Vision

DLG 3.0

New Vision 3.0

DLG 3.0 is a new vision of the firm to exceed excellence in the legal profession by incorporating technology into its core competencies.



By 2030 DLG envisions itself as being a leading innovator of automation in the legal profession. DLG will develop tools & technology to provide cost-effective access to justice.

Global initiative

DLG shall embark on a global initiative of exploring and providing legal services through on-line channels to the worldwide market.